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Culture Branding

The value of your business to a potential employee is greater than the sum of your products and services. The initial phase of any numinous engagement is to spend time with as many people within your organisation as we can. It is during these conversations that we learn those little individual stories that make up the greater narrative as to why people choose to call your organisation home.

We help you tell this story in a way that is authentic to you. It’s not just talking about your values but linking those values to real people and their stories that demonstrate how you live your values each day. We call this culture branding. We tell your story in a way that target candidates take notice and aim to intrigue them to find out more about your organisation and the career opportunities you provide.

numinous takes the preparation of your story seriously as it’s how we represent you in the market. It’s critical the message is consistent, from us to you, because if we are talking to someone who you eventually hire, we have, in fact, started the on-boarding process in that very first conversation we had with them.